I thought that today I will come to you with the topic of intentions. I find them really grounding and helpful in my everyday life. I believe this can benefit you greatly as well.

To begin, what are intentions? In simple words it is your starting point to any desires you may have. It holds the source of power, which enables you to focus on what it is that you truly want to manifest in your life. It is the beautiful way to represent your wishes and set some actions towards reaching them.

The way I best understand intentions is that everything that is happening around us and within us first started with intentions. We either created this consciously or unconsciously.

The process of setting your powerful intentions

Allow Space. By this I mean pick a nice place / peaceful time. Take a moment to calm your mind. You want to be alert for this, fully feeling and accepting the present moment. You can do this every morning before you start your day / once a week or just before new month starts. You choose. The most important thing is to prepare your mind for any outside noise and just be.

Reflect. Take a second to look back on the day or month that passed. Were there any moments when you felt down- what were the reasons for this? Scribble everything down as you do not need to hold this in your mind anymore. Write down happy moments, achievements that you are proud of. Reflect on good & bad. It is helpful to answer the question: Did I always shown up as the best version of myself? Whatever the answer, always remain gentle with yourself.

Let it flow. Once you’ve created space and reflected it is time to let your new desires flow. I advise to write them down as well. Sometimes it helps to answer some questions: Who do I wish to be this next week? What is important for me? What would make this week the best one yet?

Set high vibration intentions. Try to always keep your intentions as positive as you can. Use beautiful words and expressions. Example; I intend to inspire people with my beautiful work; I intend to carry all my work and daily tasks with calm and ease; I intend to shine nothing but love and gratitude. If it does not spark warm feelings, you are probably not using enough positive words.

Free yourself from the possible outcome. This one is a tricky one. The Human mind is sneaky, it always wants to cling on to the final result. Learn how to set intention and forget the outcome. Trust and let it go. Everything that has to come, will come. You do not need to control anything.

Come back to them. Do not write your intentions once and then neglect them. Take time to come back to them and see how you did it. It will give you awareness and understanding. You will soon recognise the patterns that you might need to break in order to succeed / to be happy.

Lastly, as I already mentioned. Learn to believe in the higher purpose. Intentions are here to support you and uplift you, they are here to guide you towards whatever you want. However, by trying to control and push the desired outcome too hard- you might be blocking something bigger and greater. Everything has to flow. I constantly remind this to myself and want to remind to you. Strengthen your trust.

Let me know if you tried setting intentions, how did it work for you? Would love to hear your journey.

Sending love and light.



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