Letting things go has never been an easy term for me to grasp. And that goes for a lot of different areas of my life. Letting go of a friend, who’s friendship is no longer good for me, letting go of old memories and the ways i used to be and see this world. In recent years i came to accept changes. I come across a new term- decluttering, which helps me to say bye to all things that no longer serve me. In this post i want to share my findings and realisations. Hope to inspire you to let things go more frequently and accept changes with your arms wide open. Let’s roll.

By letting go i am creating fresh space for new things to enter. This thought pushed me to oversee my life, my relationships, my mind and my home in a whole new way. I do not fear to let things go anymore, more so i am excited for what’s to come. So whenever you are decluttering your home space, your love life or your career- know that after that you will be gifted with blank space for new exciting things to come.

Keep things that matter. I realised that there is no need to keep something in my life that does not spark love and joy. It’s simply not worth it. Yet again, this applies to both people and material possessions. As for me, these past few years were more about letting go of my material things. I am about to move countries, as well as to go on another long term travel period- which means my belongings are all around the place. I had a lot of opportunities to see what things i own and what i have been holding on to. And to be completely honest, i saw so much crap. So much unnecessary things. To make my life easier (as well as packing) i let a lot of them go. I have chosen to keep clothes that i truly truly love, books that inspired me so much, i have chosen to downsize my belongings so much. I know i still have a long way to go, but this made me so aware what i want in my life and that is only things that cultivate long term happiness.

Be ready to dive deeper. By this i mean to look more closely to your life and your choices. Letting things go requires observation and let’s just say some soul searching time. This does not always bring positive emotions, most likely it will bring things/memories which are rather tough and challenging. Do not get afraid. This will only lead you to new beautiful findings. Let go of emotions, thinking patterns and habits that do not fit your life anymore. There is no need to hold on to them any longer.

Letting things go is an ongoing process. It is not something you do once and you are set for the rest of your life. Letting go will happen constantly throughout your life. So rather than pushing things aside make friends with decluttering and saying bye to things daily. Do not let those piles of unnecessary items to grow or those negative emotions to stick around- understand that this is a process and you are on a learning path. You will always be learning how to let go.

You will become calmer. This observation comes from me and my beloved one. By decluttering my space and my belongings i found myself much calmer. There is less distraction, less undesired noises and as a result less clutter on my mind. You get hooked on this feeling of beautiful emptiness.

It will push you to go out of your comfort zone. This can play out in so many ways. As for me, letting things go allowed me to see new opportunities and go after them rather than resisting them. Truth told, everyone can stick to the work we don’t particularly love or the relationship that doesn’t really make us happy and that is all due to the fact that we are not willing to let things go. But we have to take that leap. Good news is, that the more you say yes to let things go, the easier it will become (at least for me).

These are just some of the personal findings i came across (as for now) while decluttering. Hope you can resonate in one way or another and that it was useful. Would love to know if letting things go is something that comes easily to you?

Much love


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