Yes, you read it right. You can do both: be saving money whilst also saving the planet. You just have to do it right. When it comes to money saving and environmental friendly living it is all about preparation and thinking long term. Plan your decisions/ habits and new purchases right. I hope these tips will draw your attention and hopefully you will be converted to save some $ whilst choosing to protect Mother Earth.

1. Buy in bulk. There is no doubt you can save so much more money when buying bulk packages. Plan your groceries, research the places which are able to provide bulk options and go ahead. If you want proof, keep a spending diary to note down how much each items costs and compare compare compare. You will see the difference, i promise. I remember reading that product packaging can cost 3 times as much as what’s provided inside. Don’t pay extra for this. By choosing to buy in bulk you will be saving money while also refusing to contribute to constant waste. Note: it is important to bring your own jars or reusable bags. Read  do you really need a plastic bag for more information.

2. Buy second hand or borrow. Simple solutions, which unfortunately we tend to neglect quite often. Instead of constantly consuming and buying more and more stuff, try to find another way and choose second hand. This is something i want to work more on myself. I used to love second hand shops. You can find so many gems. I guess i do not even need to mention how much $ you can save. Buying second hand you are consuming less, as a result less resources are being wasted.

Also, do not forget good old borrowing. Your friends have plenty of dresses you could borrow for that one event, they would be happy to help you out, i am sure.

3.Don’t go crazy on groceries. Nowadays there is so much food wastage. It is crazy to think that there are people in the world who struggle to get by and there are those who are constantly throwing food away. Do not be one of them. Meal plan and buy foods that are needed to make those meals. Stick to this list whilst shopping. This will save you tuns and you will be sure there will be no food wastage.

4. Unplug when not needed. This goes to all the supplies you may have. I believe we all are guilty of leaving our phones plugged in even though they have been fully charged hours ago. Be mindful of this. If you follow your electricity bill, you will see the significant difference. According to Business Insider in America alone electricity waste is responsible for more than 32 percent of greenhouse gases, (which is more than transport or agriculture).

5. Choose reusable items.  This goes for: cups, water bottles, face removal pads and much more. By choosing reusable items you are not paying for packaging every time, this means you are saving money as well as saving our planet from unnecessary rubbish.  If you wish for more inspiration or where to get sustainable/ reusable items, i got you covered with these posts: beginner’s guide to zero waste, sustainable carry on essential, mindful gifting ideas. 

6. Walk as much as you can. I know this is probably not an option for a lot of us, but if it is – use it. Second option would be- public transport. Great way to reduce air pollution and save that extra cash that you would spend on commuting, for something more exciting.

7. Go plant based. Yes, the idea that vegan diet is very expensive is jut a myth. Meat, dairy, fish cost way more than vegetables and legumes. If you do not want to make a full on change just yet, try to adopt meat free Mondays and go from there. You’ll not just be saving money, but you will be saving the lives of innocent beings as well as not contributing to gas emissions produced by agriculture. Sounds pretty great, right?

8. Buy locally. Remember those farm markets? Yes, they do exist and i bet you have quite a number of options around you. Use them. By doing so you will be saving money (market vegetables and fruits usually are way cheaper than the shop ones), reducing CO2 emissions that are needed to fly your produce from other places of the world. On top of that you will be eating better quality food whilst also supporting small local business, which is always nice. So many pluses and no reasons not to buy locally. Just got for it.

9. Use library’s or if that’s not an option buy second hand books. Being a book worm myself i had to include this. I have the most beautiful memories tied together with library’s. My grandmother and i used to spend hours there. Later when i was a teenager i continued to use them constantly. I was lucky to have one near my home. Somewhere down the road all of this changed, at least for me. I started buying books. So now it is all about coming back. At the moment if i buy books it is always used ones. If it is a new author and i want to support them, i might purchase a new one, but that is not very often. If you love books, be mindful where you get them. If you have access to a public library – use it to your advantage. Buy second hand or borrow. So many beautiful options.

10. Make your own when possible. This goes for all the cleaning products, face treatments, daily products like creams. I will be adding more on this topic. But as an example, try making your own toothpaste, this is something that me and my partner first tried more than a year ago and we love it! 3 simple ingredients: baking soda, coconut oil, your choice of essential oil (we have peppermint).  We not just save money buy not buying those overpriced chemical filled toothpastes, but we also reduce our waste.

I very much hope this was useful and you could implement some of these tips (if you haven’t already). If you have any other useful tips, please share them with me in the comments below. I am always up for saving money whilst also saving our environment.

Much love ♡


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