Let’s talk about books. One of my favourite things. I swear, i could surely write a big list of my favourite spiritual books which really changed my perspective on many things, but i thought i will keep things quite sharp and sweet this time. Narrowing down to 6 must read spiritual books.


These 6 books brought a tremendous amount of wisdom to my life, needless to say they’ve brought more peace and understanding. I hope it will bring all of those things to whoever will decide to read them as well. P.S. you can find all the links from where to get these books down below.

1. Eckhart Tolle- Power of Now. As the title of book whispers, it is about the power of this present moment. Before reading it i have never really felt or took notice into this moment. Of course, i am not saying i was always unconscious of my days and how i spent them, but now looking back, i believe i did not really understand what it really meant to live in the now. This book opened so many questions for me, i remember folding page by page as a reminder to go back and read some of those magical lines again. For everyone that is willing to learn how to fully be here now, i would highly recommend to pick this one up.

p.s. me and my partner always try to have an extra one of these at home, you never know when you come across a person who really needs something like this.

2.Louise Hay- You can heal your life. If you are not familiar with Louis Hay- you should be! She is a very inspirational woman to say the least. Her words will have a beautiful power over you, i promise. I have read most of the books by now, but ‘You can heal your life’ still remains my favourite. It is also a great read to have and reflect time after time.

3.Eckhart Tolle-The New Earth. I know it’s the second book I recommend you by the same author. I just couldn’t pick only one. A New Earth focuses a lot on ‘ego’ and defines it as being the main sources of all imbalances within our lives. It dives in into our society and its issues and how ‘ego’ driven people can never find true happiness.

4. Gary Zukav- The Seat of the Soul.  ‘All souls have the capacity to be great souls’. It’s a very deep book about authentic empowerment. It is about coming back to your true self and relating yourself with your own soul. About finding that beautiful and essential way, where different souls can work in balance together. In more detail of course. Loved every bit.

5.The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself. The author pushes you to start seeing yourself as an observer. This means, rather than thinking that your thoughts make you, you have the full capacity of them. Empowering, right? All your suffering arises from the outside world, which dictates how you should be. But it is not you. Read to open another beautiful chapter to self development.

6. Don Miguel Ruiz-The Four Agreements. I believe I first read this book after watching one of Oprah’s videos, she highly recommended this book. Says a lot, right? It’s a short, but oh so sweet read by ancient Toltec wisdom. I will not spoil for you by naming all 4 agreements, you will have to read and find out for yourself. I will just say that this book will provide you access to beautiful and uncomplicated living.


That is all for now. I hope you find this beneficial. I love reading and so this will definitely not be the last time I am doing my top picks. Would love to hear what books highly influenced you? Is there some particular author that you keep coming back to?

Much love


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2 responses to “6 MUST READ SPIRITUAL BOOKS”

  1. Zayn says:

    These sound like interesting reads. I purchased the power of now and a new earth cos I have heard so much about Eckhart Tolle, I need to find time to read them both. I love Louise hay a lot, the first audio affiration I downloaded was by her. Please, check out my blog at


    • gretazarttt says:

      Thanks for the comment Zayn. Yes, Eckhart Tolle have some great reads, definitely find some time to go through them. 🙂

      Thanks for your blog link as well, i will have a look at your creative space:)

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