5 Highlights From The Month Of February

2 months down of 2018. Say what? On another note, we are kinda done with winter, even though the weather is not quite reflecting that yet, but i am sure we are all very ready. Before we start to lose our heads over Spring i thought i will look back on this month and pick my February highlights.

1.Tickets to India are booked. In my 5 Highlights From The Month Of January post i have mentioned that i will be flying to Rishikesh India to do my 200 hours yoga teachers training course. However, only this month i have fully booked everything, and now all of this is so real. I have already started collecting things which i need to take with me, already got two vaccine shots and have started counting how many different yoga outfits i will need for each day ha. Can you tell i am super excited?

2.Sunny walks by the Thames. Since we were quite lucky and some weekends during February happened to be pretty sunny and warm, me and Ashley explored the city by foot. We are lucky to live in the heart of London right now and so that means we have endless options for  picturesque walks. We took long scrolls by the Thames river, stopped at the Tate Modern museum, later crossed the Millennium Bridge and ended up by the beautiful St. Paul’s cathedral. This city in the sunshine is just another level. 

3. Thoughtful gesture on Valentine’s day.  Truth told,  we do not make a big deal of Valentine’s day celebrations. I am very thankful to be in a relationship where each day feels like Valentine’s day(really). My man does not need any occasion to bring me flowers, we both show our affection to each other every single day. Despite all of this, after finishing my 6:45 yoga class i came home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely card. What made me really smile is that the boy reused the old card to put the new message. What can i say, he just gets it.

4. My first reiki experience. If you are not familiar with reiki- in short words it is energy healing. The Reiki master channels energy into your body. It balances chakras, gets rid of unnecessary tension and more. It was super relaxing. You could feel how energy moves through your body, how hot the reiki masters’ hands get, and what amazing sensations it brings. After the session i  felt so light. All day i had that airy feeling with me. I will definitely be going for more.  Also, thinking to write a post on this and give you more details about reiki in general ( let me know if you would be interested in this).

5.Weekend away with friends. During the last weekend of February we took a train ride up North (where my man is originally from – Stoke On Trent) and spent some cozy time with one of my closest friends who lives a short train ride from there. Great conversations, endless cups of tea by the fire, and way too much tasty food. While time flies so fast and we all have our own life to focus on i find it extremely important to make time for people who truly matter in your life. If you wish your friendships to grow and evolve you gotta put the ‘work’ in.

Would love to know what are your highlights for the month of February?

Hope you all had a lovely month. Now let’s bring the sunshine.

Much love ♡


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