How to bring calmness into your daily life

I believe we all have those days/weeks when our “to do” tasks are pilling up and it seems as if everything moves a little too fast, that there is no way out of this current madness. We commit ourselves to too many daily tasks and let’s admit, we all are trying very hard not to fail at them. In the midst of it all we often tend to lose calmness. Calmness and ease becomes overtaken by rushing, worrying and constant thinking that you should be doing something more.

I have recently read a book by Brendon Burchard called  ‘High Performance Habits (How Extraordinary People Become That Way)’. Was a very informative and great read with a lot of practical wisdom. This book slightly shaped the way i go about my day. One of the lessons that i have took away with me, I wish to share with you in this post.

Release or as the author calls RMT (Release Meditation Technique). The concept is quite short and simple. We all have a number of different transitions within our day. Transition from home to working space, from work meeting to lunch break, from work mood to say yoga practice and so on. These transitions require different awareness and attention from us. Much to say, it requires different levels of energy.  We often neglect that and carry our emotions from one place to another without much thinking. By doing so everyday we lose a big amount of focus and calmness.

Do you find yourself carrying over one negative emotion or experience from one activity to the next one? I know i do. To avoid that the author suggests taking a 1-2 minute break before each task and simply say the word Release as a small mantra. With this word you are letting go, you are releasing the tasks you did before and bringing your full awareness to the present moment. I find this to be extremely helpful when trying to take care of a lot of completely different duties. This way i feel less and less overwhelmed by my daily tasks. My transitions are separated and so is my energy. If one task does not flow as great as i wished, i do not carry its energy on to the next one. Instead i bring calmness and my full attention to what i have to do in a particular moment.

I suggest you try it and see how it feels. Once you finish reading this simply say Release a couple of times to yourself and then continue to go on with your day. You are capable of shifting your energy and bringing a constant flow of calmness into your day to day life. Make it a priority.

Hope this helps

Much love ♡


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