5 Highlights From The Month Of January

I thought I will make things a little bit more personal with and create a new folder #life on my blog, where I’ll be sharing some personal moments as well as reflecting on the months that passed.

In my bullet journal I have a section with the 12 months of the year nicely spread out. Each month has a place for me to put my successes, happy moments, lessons and most importantly things that I am extremely grateful for.

The first month of 2018 flew by and it brought a lot of happy changes into my life. It has been very hectic, but that good kinda hectic if you get what I mean.

1.Long holidays in Lithuania. So until January 8 I was still living in that holiday bubble. Enjoying time with my family and friends at home. Was super nice not to rush and spend some real quality time with my mum, my nephew and all the rest.

2.Freelance writing job. This is not something completely new to me as I have done some writing before, however it has been a real long time. This beautiful opportunity came and I did not want to miss it. I have already written my first article which will be published next month and its super exciting. I love writing, love creating and it is just another beautiful way to express myself and learn along the way. Plus, freelance writing gives me freedom and ability to earn extra income, which is always a win, right?

3.Finishing Shantaram novel by Gregory David Roberts. Yes, this is a highlight, because this book is the best. It’s such a beautiful journey. I completely lost myself in the book and quickly went through 800 pages of it. For anyone who is fascinated with India or just in need for some great quality read, highly recommend to pick this one up.

4.Ashley’s 28th birthday. So my boy was born on 30th of January. I’m always laughing saying it is my birthday as well, because I got him on this earth and it is the biggest present. Cheesy, but so true. I counted it is his 7th birthday with me. His Birthday started with me baking him special vegan breakfast pancakes (it has become a tradition now). I decorated our home with printed pictures from all the years/travels/moments together. In the evening we went out for a special dinner. It took me a long time to narrow down the best Indian restaurant in London ha, but I think I did a pretty good job. The food was phenomenal. (Check Bombay Bustle in Mayfair if you fancy some delicious Indian taste). Finished the day with Lola’s birthday cupcakes and boy’s choice of movie in bed. Counts as a very good day in my books.

5.Yoga Teachers training scholarship in India. Yay! Still can’t believe it. I am off to India this spring to do my yoga teacher’s training in the world’s capital of yoga- Rishikesh. I applied for a scholarship without much thinking and was so happily surprised when I received a positive letter back. Feeling extremely thankful for this opportunity and ready to emerge myself more into yoga and all that comes with it. Another beautiful journey is about to begin. P.S I will definitely be writing more about this chapter on my blog.

Hope you all had a lovely first month of 2018 x

Much love ♡


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  1. Lina says:

    Oo kaip nerealiai dėl jogos mokytojos kursų!! Kažkaip praleidau šitą žinią, bet sveikinu dabar <3

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