I have already written a post ‘My Spiritual Morning Routine:What I do and Why’ and a lot of you seemed to like that one very much. So I thought I would go along this theme and write one about my evening routine. To be completely honest I am not fond of the word routine in general, it just makes things sound too strict and less appealing, don’t you think? Let’s call it 3 evening switch off habits. Sounds a little better in my books…

I tend to change things around quite often, but for now these small acts help me leave the day behind. It helps me to focus on this moment and to experience a deeper sense of relaxation.

During Christmas I received a beautiful gift from my very dear friend. It was a deck of Universe Has Your Back‘ cards by author Gabrielle Bernstein. My friend knew that I have read a couple of her books and have watched a tun of her videos. I truly resonate with her message and so these cards where such a beautiful and thoughtful gift to say the least.

There is no exact guidance of how you should be using the deck, it is completely up to you. What I like to do is just take a deep breath and just be still for a little while. Any questions or worry that come to my mind at that point I release by saying ‘I will be guided‘ or ‘Universe has my back‘. Then I shuffle the cards and randomly pick 3 cards. The message on each cards is so special and unique. It uplifts you and it sparks joy. It sparks a little guidance and makes you trust the Universe a little bit more. You do not have to seek complete answers to your questions, you just have to trust. I like that. This playfulness with my cards puts me into a beautiful relaxed state and that’s what we want before going to sleep, right?

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Then, after saying my daily prayers (which I have not included in here) I take a moment to reconnect with my crystals. I am about to write a crystal beginners guide, so look out for that one. But to put in short words I give attention to my crystals and the meaning I have given to them. Say I put clarity and trust in my path -I hold my crystal (or put it next to my heart) and focus on those intentions. Crystals give energy and different vibrations they are extremely powerful tools, which help you to manifest the things you wish for.

By this point I’m usually quite sleepy and ready to call it a day. The last thing I do is spray some essential oils around my sleeping area, my pillow and bed sheets. Lavender is my all time favourite scent. The smell is so calming and smoothing. I started using essential oils when I had some struggles falling asleep, I just could not put my mind to ease. It helped me big time. Since then, i have used them daily. I sometimes spoil myself with sleeping mist, which usually hold different essential oils in them. At the moment I am using another Christmas present I have received (thanks Santa), it’s L’Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist. A blend of 100% natural essentials oils- absolutely love it. Try experimenting with essential oils and the smells you like. I could not imagine my sleeping time without them anymore, too addictive. In a good way ha.

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I have left some things out as I wanted to focus on these 3 things. But my daily evening also includes meditation and some sort of reading time. I tend to do my evening meditation straight after my evening yoga flow, I just like to finish my yoga practice with it. As for reading, it is a time when I decide put my phone away and really dive into the pages. It feels great.

Hope this was useful for you guys ♡Would love to know what things you do every evening? Is there something you do that makes you fully relaxed? Let’s have a conversation in the comments down below. p.s if you are thinking to get ‘Universe Has Your Back‘ cards, get them now as they are on offer.

Much love ♡


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