This is one for all the travellers out there. I have already written a post on:conscious travel tips’, as well as beginners guide to going zero waste‘, however I haven’t talked about sustainable carry on essentials. I travel very often and so my carry on is never missing these items.

We can definitely agree that airports are not the most eco friendly places. The minute we enter we are greeted with plastic bags to put our teeny tiny toiletries, pre-packaged meals and tuns of disposable containers. This is all designed for a quick one time use. But we do not want to contribute to all of this, right? There are very simple, sustainable and price efficient solutions which you can follow in order to pack your sustainable carry on.

Let’s begin with water bottles. I know you might be thinking: where will you get clean water in the airport, you definitely cannot trust that toilet sink. The option is: you can always pop into any airport cafes and nicely ask them to refill your bottle. I do not imagine anyone saying no to you, I promise. I see so many people buying those small plastic water bottles and throwing them away once they’re done, I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past.

When choosing a bottle try to look out for sustainable materials. I tend to use my stainless steel one, I love its diversity. Find similar items here.

If you have no space for a bigger water bottle, try taking a reusable coffee mug. I always have one of these in my carry on.

Second item that is also with me with no exception where I am is spork. It is super cute & compact. My one is made from bamboo, weighs nothing which makes it a perfect carry on essential. I know longer flights tend to fill you up with disposable cutlery and food containers. If you’re not quite there yet to bring your own food for longer flights, at least you can have your own spork to say no to those plastic utensils.

Bag– essential to say the least. For the longest time my hand luggage is Fjällräven  Kanken backpack. It quickly became my essential and not just for travelling, i use it daily. It’s ethnically made and it is extremely durable. I fit all my on flight essentials + my macbook and camera.  If you are looking for that perfect all purpose bag, i would highly advise to try Kanken. You can find a lot of options and colors here.

Something for your skin. The air-conditioning inside the plane really tends to mess with my skin. I always try to drink plenty of water before flights and moisturize my skin to avoid those extra dry patches. There are a lot of beautiful brands, which provide beautiful nasty free products.

I particularly like these (both organic) : Dr Hauscha Revitalizing Day Cream (you can also find their products in glass containers, which is great; Lavera Sensitive Moisturising Cream.  You can also re-pot some coconut oil into a small jar and use it for your skin and lips.

Great read! I know i should invest into a kindle as it is much more sustainable, however like a lot of us, i do love holding a real book in my hands. Sometimes i get audiobooks, but most of the time i order second hand books.

Cozy sustainable socks. Especially if you are in for a longer flight. You want to feel cozy and warm. Since becoming more Eco conscious i began to give a lot of attention to my wardrobe. My new task is to find new Eco brands that i love and purchase things only from sustainable brands. Socks are no exception. You can find some pretty organic bamboo socks here.

Pack your own food. Yes, this one is a little bit hard. Just because sometimes the pre-travel period can be quite hectic itself and so food preparation probably is the last thing on your mind. However, in order to avoid disposables, try to think ahead. Pack some homemade snacks. For longer flights try making quinoa salads or nutritious sandwiches. (Keeping in mind that you can’t take any liquids through security).Pack your food into sustainable containers and you’re good to go.

p.s. If you found yourself in the airport with no pre made food try to get a meal while you’re waiting for your flight. Always eat in- this way you will avoid extra waste. You can also order bigger portions to store the leftovers in your reusable container.

So let’s wrap this up:

Water bottle or a reusable cup to avoid plastic waste ✔

Spork to avoid disposable cutlery ✔

Sustainable and durable carry on backpack ✔

Something great for your skin ✔

Great read ✔

Sustainable socks for cozy and warm flights ✔

Packed food / snacks ✔

Hope this was useful for all you travellers out there who want to see our world with less trash. There is always a way to travel more sustainably.

Much love ♡


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  1. Jayne says:

    Hi, I too hate all the packaging and single use items on flights! Do you know what they do with the disposable cutlery from your meal tray if you refuse it? Given how time and space poor the flight attendants are I would imagine they throw them away anyway. Same if you take your own meal, I think they’d just chuck the meal made for you out?
    Some other tips: you can also get water from water fountains at airports (usually outside toilets), and some planes have a drinking water tap (near the galley, although can be hard to fit a bottle under there). I also reuse the cup they give me for the whole flight, and take soft plastic with me to recycle at home.

    • gretazarttt says:

      Thanks for the comment Jayne. Yes, when it comes to longer flights i think the same, that the food is being throw away unfortunatelly.. so we just have to do our best. Short flights usually ask if you want food/drink to buy so its always to have your own cup and things like that. I have never noticed water tap at the planes, but i will be searching for one on my next flight ha, thanks for this 🙂

  2. Veronika says:

    I think food might not get through the security checkup at the airport. Also do you have an idea how to make the antibacterial hand sanitizer to avoid buying a new plastic bottle all the time?

    • gretazarttt says:

      I guess it depends what you are taking. I easily took through a sandwich and salads, plus snacks. I guess all airlines are different: 🙂 in terms of hand sanitizer, i know a lot of people use essential oils (levender), tea tree oil and 1 tabelspoon of high proof vodka, + alo vera. Mixing all together 🙂 i haven’t tried myself yet, but so many people really liking this 🙂 Hope that helps 🙂

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