New Year is just around the corner guys! I believe a lot of us already began to think about our goals and aspirations for 2018. I for example devoted one of my mornings to do this,  I simply sat down and reviewed the last year. I thought about my achievements and also things that maybe did not turn out as great as I wanted. Then I took time to think about what I wish for this upcoming year, where do I want to focus and what do I want to achieve.

Whilst doing this I also came up with 3 resolutions which I would like to suggest to others, some of which I already incorporate into my own lifestyle, and some where I am looking to improve on myself also. I believe these 3 resolutions will not just highly improve your individual life, but also others as well . These 3 goals would have capacity to bring BIG positives changes to our environment, people around the globe and their families as well as other living beings. Sounds beautiful right? Let’s begin.

1. SWITCH TO VEGAN / VEGETARIAN DIET. I put vegetarian option there just for a transition purpose,  as for some, it can be too hard to jump straight to 100% vegan diet. A healthy plant based diet is proved to be the number 1 diet which is able to reduce your risk of having such diseases as: Hypertension, Stroke, Prostate and Colon cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and many more.

Since becoming vegetarian and then later on vegan myself I have noticed a big difference in my overall health. I definitely have more energy, I very rarely feel bad after I eat. I feel radiant and alive. And I wish strongly for you to feel the same way in 2018.

Together with great health comes another amazing connection. It’s your ability to sense and feel deep love for other living beings. We are raised to think that animals are here to serve us, that it is completely normal to slaughter billions of species. Needless to say, we are programmed to think that we have to rely on them. But it is so far from the truth. Animals are just like us, they have feelings and they have their own beautiful energy they bring to this life. I believe that everything around us is energy and so in our daily lives all we really do is exchange energy. Just think what energy you receive when you have leftovers of someone’s suffering on your plate. How low this vibration is. How inhumane. There is another, more beautiful way to live on this planet, I can assure you.

Lastly, by deciding to try vegan diet this new year you will be doing wonders for our environment. As you can imagine, in order to grow plants take much fewer resources than animals. It takes 52,8 gallons of water to make one hamburger. As the world’s population grows we require more and more space for agriculture. This means deforestation will reach even higher numbers than it is today (60% of today’s deforestation results from agriculture uses). We all want to enjoy our beautiful nature (it brings so much joy to us) and so it is completely up to us to decide to choose to nourish Mother Nature with our daily actions or not.

If you haven’t seen already, I highly recommend to watch this video. It will answer all your questions you might have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4

Whatever the reason it may be: health, animals or environment. I am inviting you to make that connection and just try try try. See how you feel, how you think.

2. REDUCE YOUR WASTE. This year I want to invite you to think about the amount of waste you produce on your daily basis. To think what daily habits you could change to reduce your waste and improve the state of our environment. Every action truly matters. Maybe this year you will say NO to plastic bags, maybe you will get a reusable water bottle. All these little actions add up and make  great positive change. For more information and inspiration you can check my beginner’s guide to going zero waste as well as why recycling is not enough posts. I encourage you to lead a more waste free lifestyle in 2018. I know I will be definitely trying to up my game in this department. In 2017 I have made a lot of positive changes, but I know I could definitely do more.

p.s. one of my personal resolutions this year is to say NO to fast fashion. I mean no Zara, no H&M and more. Nowadays there are so many amazing, sustainable brands which need our support and our $ is the way to show that support. In 2018 I definitely want to venture more to second hand shops as well (I used to love them). Think of your fashion purchases, maybe you could change something in this department as well?

3. ESTABLISH YOUR SACRED MORNING ROUTINE. You can’t show up for others with all your amazing powers if you do not take care of yourself first, right? Make 2018 your year of self nourishment. Take time to create your beautiful morning routine, where each day before all the world wakes up you set aside all your “to do’s” and just simply focus on yourself. If you struggle with some ideas, I made a post my spiritual morning routine (what I do and why) where I go into more details of all the nourishing actions you could do each morning. Our daily habits shape us. Make sure to choose wisely and always, always make time for yourself.


That’s it guys. 3 resolutions for 2018 that I wish everyone would put on their lists. Make 2018 a year of amazing positive changes. I invite you to think less Ego and more Eco. Such a simple, but very beautiful quote. Make a room for beautiful changes. The world needs that. We all need that.

Happy New Year.

Much love ♡




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