New year is around the corner and I assume some of you are looking for a new / better way to plan your upcoming year. A better way to structure your day to day life and reach optimal results. I thought I will introduce my way of planing. I ditched regular calendar diaries one year ago and exchanged it for a bullet journal. I absolutely love it.

Some may ask so what is a bullet journal? Basically it’s an empty notebook, which you can design as different as you like. It was created by Ryder Carroll- digital product designer from Brooklyn, originally to improve personal organisation. You can watch his introduction video here. I will not begin to go through his system, instead I will show my way and let you know what worked for me.

I have chosen my journal to have dots in as I find it very useful during the whole designing process. I have been using German brand Leuchtturm 1917 A5 and been really loving it. You can find them here

In terms of design- you can be as creative as you wish. The layout has to work for you. If you know you will be needing a bigger space for your day-to-day tasks go ahead and do that. If you know you won’t be filling your journal during weekends, why waste space and schedule that day at all? Flexibility is the key with bullet journals. It takes time to find your perfect layout. I still play around with my one all the time and I will continue to do so.

Make place for the things you love. Reading, movies, or blogging-whatever it is. There is no need to have separate notebooks for all extra things in your life. You can keep all of your parts of life in one.

I have chosen to have these sections:

♡ Year log – it is good to see each month of the year and mark there the most important events / holidays,meetings and birthdays.

♡ Monthly log- even though I have a year log with all the months I still prefer to have monthly layouts before I dive in into daily planning. It is easy to mark some smaller events, day- to day tasks and more.

♡ Daily log- this is where you have to see what works for you. When I first started I used to draw all week or even a whole month ahead. However, I tend not to use my journal everyday, say when I am travelling, and some days remain completely blank. To avoid this waste of space I started to draw my daily log on the day.

♡ Book log- this is where you can either write the list of books you would like to read or maybe like me, the ones you have read already. It is good way to keep track of books you have read throughout the month.

♡ Blog post ideas / scheduling. My Bullet journal holds a lot of my blog information; post ideas, scheduling for the upcoming months, overview of traffic and more. I like to have everything in one place, very handy to say the least.

Creative log- this is where I let myself dream or just put something out there what I wish to manifest in my life. It can be a couple of pictures that resonate with you, some creative writing-anything that makes you happy really.

♡  I also made space for my personal interest; for instance moon phases and energies of different days of the week. It’s always handy to flip to this page and see some particular thing about each day.

Some other things you could include inside your journal:

Travel log-places you have visited or wish to visit ;Income/Saving tracker; Wishlist;Food / meal planning; Exercise tracker; Daily habits: say meditation / visualisation tracker and many more. Remember it is your personal space and you can create it the way you want it.

The best thing I found about bullet journal comparing to the already pre-made agendas is that you have space for everything. I used to struggle fitting my day in couple of small lines which most of the calendars give you. Girl needs her space ha. Leuchtturm 1917 A5 gives me plenty.

I know some may think bullet journals take a lot of time to prepare, but it actually doesn’t. Once you set your layout and know what you like, it takes no time at all. I find with bullet journal my daily productivity and overall organisation increased tuns. I have the system which works for me very well. Try it yourself and see how it goes.

Briefly mentioning the eco side- I know digital calendars would be the best option, personally I am not there yet. I like hand writing. On a better side, we are rolling to the new year now and I still have a lot of space left inside my 2017 bullet journal, which will hold at least 5 more months of the new year. After that, it will go to recycling.

Let me know if you will give it a try or maybe you have been using bullet journals already and wish to share your experience with me. Let’s chat in the comment section down below.

Much love 



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