Before I tackled ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ I had heard so many mixed reviews. Some liked it a lot, some thought it a bit too extreme. Whilst me, I found myself somewhere right in the middle. I am only in the early beginning of my ‘have less stuff’ journey and I found this book providing me with some really helpful tips. So, what did I take away with me?

1.Tidy by category, rather than by place. I believe I am not the only one who always chooses which place I will be tidying, say my closet, my drawers or the kitchen. However, according to the author this method is not very effective. The best way to tidy is by category, following this order: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and lastly- sentimental items.

2.Visualise your end goal. Mari Kondo suggest to have a clear vision of how you want your home to look after you tackled all the tidying. You should have an end goal, say you want to see yourself always coming home to a very neat and bright space, with no clutter whatsoever. Simple, but very great tip.

3.Ask: does it spark joy? All throughout the book the author keeps coming back to this question. According to her this should be used with every single item inside the house. I do get the idea and I find it to be very useful, however have to add my small note. I believe we all have those really boring home supplies, which definitely do not spark any joy. They are in our homes just to serve their purpose, for instance, floor brush.

4. Get rid of outside distractions. If you are anything like me, you’re probably cleaning your space with music or audio book in the background. In her book the author suggests to stop the outside noise and really focus on the task. This makes sense, as by directing your focus on the category you are tidying, you are more likely to be more aware of what things you do not need and what things should stay in your life. Try, see how it works.

5.Keep only the books that you truly love. These usually are the books that you have read more than one time.

6.Folding is fun. Sounds crazy, right? However, by starting folding the KonMari way I found this process to be quite enjoyable. Plus I like how precise my clothes look after.

Watch this video to learn rectangle folding.

7.Do not store items according to the season. This was a hard one to grasp. As I was raised to always store my winter clothes away when the warmer seasons rolls in. I used to put my puffy jackets, warm jumpers and gloves away, ready to re-use them the next year. The author claims this method to be so insufficient. Have all your clothes in one place at all times.

8.Let things go. Those cards someone wrote you 10 years ago, it is ok to part with them. Presents, special notes- most of these things have served their purpose, we do not need to hold on to ALL of them. I particularly loved this line: ‘It is not our memories but the person we have become because of those past experiences that we should treasure’.

9.Do not keep your old clothes as your ‘home chill’ attire. We all guilty of that. We think that jumper that is too worn out to wear outside we can just use it indoors instead of giving it away. However, it shouldn’t be that way. Make a priority to always look ‘put together’. This does not mean you can’t wear more relaxed outfits at home, the author just simply states that they shouldn’t be your old clothes. If the clothing is old and had received much use already, it is time to part with it.

10.Treat all your material things with gratitude. Simple, but very sweet reminder.

There are a lot of places within the book where i was like: ‘come’on, it can not be true’. Especially where Marie Kondo suggests taking all the materials from your handbag and placing them back in their own place EVERY SINGLE TIME you come back home. It is just too much, don’t you think?

However, as you can tell from the list i took away a lot of great tips. Needless to say this book will definitely spark a wish to organise your entire home. If you haven’t read it already, grab your own copy here

Good luck with your tidying.

Much love,


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