I am back with my second post of the Christmas series. This time it’s all about presents. I find present giving a very beautiful process, don’t we all? You think about a particular person you are buying presents for; you think what she/he would like and enjoy, and then you go on a look out for that particular gift.

This year I want to inspire you to add a little extra task as well; think what conscious gift you could give to your beloved ones. We all know how much  unnecessary waste is accumulated during  the festive season, we do not want to contribute to that. In this post I  came up with a small gift guide, which hopefully will give you some eco-friendly /less wasteful gifts ideas. Now, more than ever it is easier to find more sustainable items. Try to think this way: will your present be giving real purpose or will it be contributing to more clutter & waste? Let’s begin !

For her:

When it comes to presents, i always aim for longer and deeper purpose. For this reason i had to include the ‘Five Minute Journal’ . Small and very beautiful notebook with higher meaning. How does it work? This notebook consists of daily 5 minute morning & evening practices, where you write 3 things you are grateful today, after that you fill out your wishes for the day, and in the evening you examine how the day went and what 3 things you are most grateful for. In short words, it is a tool for your mind. Gratefulness leads to long lasting happiness. It is a beautiful thing to be able to gift that to somebody you care for.  You can find Five Minute Journal by clicking here.

*For the yogi in your life. A yoga mat is such a sacred thing. As a person, who practices yoga myself, i have to say that you and your yoga mat tend to build quite a bond i shall say. It would make a perfect gift for a dedicated practitioner or even a person, who wishes to try something new. I picked this Eco friendly mat, originally designed in beautiful Bali. You can find them here.

*For a book lover. For me there is almost no better present than books. I picked some of my favourites: ‘The Universe Has Your Back’; ‘Awaken The Giant Within’; ‘You Can Heal Your life’. Just a small note, you can always buy pre-loved books, i order my from amazon all the time. They can often come in perfect condition and would still make a stunning present.

*Crystals for meaningful manifestation. Pick a crystal which resonates with you for the person you are buying for, maybe their favourite colour, maybe you wish to help them with their issues; worrying, insomnia or fear of public speaking. You can find it all. My personal favourite- amethyst. Find yours here.

*For the beauty lover- organic hemp cotton facial make up removal rounds. They are completely Zero Waste and come in a set of 5 packed in recycled paper.

For him:

*For a stylish one- sustainable sneakers- Veja. Their sneaks are made from recyclable, consciously sourced materials + they have vegan styles available. They’re definitely also on my Santa’s list. Beautiful options for men & women.

*For the book lover on the go. Audible membership is the way to go. Simple, but very practical & enjoyable.

*Zero waste safety razor. Men tend to use so many disposable razors, why not avoid this by giving the man in your life a very retro i shall say safety razor. I will be honest, i do not know much about them, but this one here looks not too shabby to me.

*For the one,who struggles to rest- Sleep Well Therapy Balm. Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood smells promises well scented sleep. 100% natural essential oils.

*For a planner & go getter. The Productivity Planner– perfect solution. Cool design and great outlet to put all to do lists in order. Sometimes computers just don’t cut it.


Other zero/less waste gifts ideas:

*Bulk treats and personalised goodie jars.  Who wouldn’t love this? A jar full of almonds covered in dark chocolate or homemade granola. I know i would. It is not just a complete zero waste gift, but it also very practical and sweet.

*Go for a vintage hunt. This might be vintage Levi’s jacket or a 7o’s scarf or maybe even a chunky knit. Nowadays you can find so many great treasures in your local flea markets or vintage shops. It will definitely be zero waste and most likely less $ waste in general.

*Eco lunch box- perfect for that one friend who always shows up with different disposable lunch boxes. I like these bento style ones.

*Plants. I bet you have like a dozen of them at home. Re-pot some of your own grown cactus or other type of flowers into a beautiful ceramic dish- makes such a cute gift.

*Homemade soap, lotions, or a sugar scrub.

*Beautiful table napkins to avoid disposable ones. I might even gonna get these linen ones for my mum- I do not know when she started using disposable ones- but it is got to stop.

*Browse at charity second hand shops, now you can even find them online, like this one Oxfam  -fighting poverty across the globe.With the money you spend there you will be making more than one person happy for sure. For some more inspiration, check my ‘Beginner’s guide to going Zero Waste’ post.

Instead of material items:

*Experience. Sometimes there is no better, than this. Ticket to theatre or ice arena. Nice dinner experience in some new restaurant or even a small getaway somewhere. Things don’t last forever(as much as we would like them to), memories DO.

*Donations. Pick your charity/cause and donate instead of buying a present. It is such a beautiful gesture, i do not know who would not be touched by it.

*Membership/educational classes and seminars. There are so many options to choose from; maybe that person was dreaming about improving his photography or dancing class. Someone is wishing to learn how to swim- get them a swimming pool membership. Ideas are endless, you just gotta really know the person you are buying the gift for.

I hope you guys find this useful. Some gift ideas i picked should work as an inspiration and guidance, at least that was my aim. Make sure to enjoy this festive time and remember to buy your present wisely. It is a whole lotta things that goes into giving someone a gift. Make it a special one, make it a conscious one. p.s do not forget to add some love and kindness, no material possessions could beat that.

Would love to know what gifts you are planning to get for your beloved ones this year?

Much love ♡


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  1. eglustina says:

    Love this 🙂 I am always trying to get thoughtful and useful gifts for my beloved ones, but especially this year I am concentrating on the quality instead of quantity.

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