It was my second time in Wales. My close friends and my love booked a cosy little cottage for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. I knew we are going to Wales, but i had no idea where.  We arrived to our airbnb quite late and the first thing we all saw is this beautiful fire place. Warm bliss, blankets, friends and a little bit of red wine + Indian takeaway for dinner- my ideal night in.

You have to have an open mind when it comes to weather when you travel to this country. We were prepared for cold rain and harsh wind. The next morning despite the sad forecast we decided to venture outside. We headed to Abersoch- a little surfers seaside village. Very charming coastal resort. We ventured to a couple of surfers boutiques and came across Kin and Co coffee place, where i was lucky enough to find some tasty vegan options as well. This place also had a clothing boutique attached- win win situation really.

Throughout the weekend we managed to receive some sunshine and so we took real advantage of it. If you are ever planning a trip to Wales (particularly Abersoch area) i would advise you to put these 3 things on your list:

*Nefyn & Abersoch beaches. Both are very beautiful and raw. Despite strong wind we had some lovely beach walks. Take it all in- there are mountains and hills all around you. Environment untouched by masses.

*Porthdinllaen (Llŷn Peninsula) – small fishing village which stretches all the way into the Irish sea. Couple of charming small houses built on the edge of the beach and stunning horizons.

*Porth Ceiriad-perhaps my favourite spot we stumbled across during our little trip. First you will be surrounded by endless fields with hundreds of sheep and just after a small walk you will be awarded with the most stunning view of impressive cliffs. Luckily my friends have been here before and so they suggested we take a little hike up the hill to take in all the beautiful views from above. So glad we did that.

We were able to see gorgeous stretched out beach and powerful wave’s crashing into the cliffs.  Far away in the distance there were also two tiny islands: St Tudwal’s Island East and St Tudwal’s Island West. One of them had a lighthouse. Very movie kinda view. Just a lighthouse on this very small piece of land, surrounded by endless sea and mountains.

This weekend brought so much calmness to me. I believe it is due to the fact that i spent so much time in fresh air. Due to the fact that i was doing one of the things i love the most- exploring. So healing. I definitely see myself coming back to Wales for more of its realness.

Thank you to my friends & my boy.

Much love 


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