10 Documentaries on: Environment and Sustainability

If you’re on the lookout for some educational and rather interesting documentaries for your cosy evenings, I got you covered. I have written my 10 top environmental / sustainability documentaries, which I promise will have you questioning a lot of things. At least it did for me.

1. Cowspiracy- it is not without reason I picked this as number #1 on this list. A lot of people before hearing the name of this documentary assume this will all be purely about animals. However, this is not true. The documentary reveals why animal agriculture is responsible for deforestation, carbon emissions, global warming etc. It emphasises the fact that our daily eating habits undeniably impact the state of our environment. *Must see.

2.An inconvenient truth- this is the first documentary I ever saw. I remember clearly, it was on a high school educational trip to the cinema. It rather shocked me. I watched it again a couple of years later and till today think that it is such a shame that Al Gore was not elected for the President of United States chair.

*I would say good introduction for those, who have no clue what environmental issues our world is facing.

3.Before the Flood- who does not love a little bit of Leo? No, but seriously, I deeply admired all his efforts that went into making this documentary. It is rather powerful to have a very famous person talking about REAL issues.

*This documentary brings much needed awareness around environmental issues.

4.Forks Over Knives- this one tackles the direct relationship between great health and following plant based diet. Much more, it reveals how a lifestyle without animal products benefits not just you, but our planet as a whole.

5.Minimalism– this one will make you rethink your next shopping trip. How many things do we actually need, or is it all just a clutter? A quickly growing accumulated waste? Even though I still have miles to go before I could call myself a minimalist, this movie made me to think that we actually need very few things and so I must start to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ I have.

*Less is more.

6.No Impact Man- about a man (Collin Beaven), who goes completely eco-friendly. Meaning, no electricity, no gas power, no waste and nothing harmful whatsoever.

*Spreads that environmental message on a whole new level.

7.Mission Blue- led by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. What an inspiring woman. This is documentary is about her ongoing efforts to spread awareness around ocean protection, and her push to embark on new positive changes and co-operation when it comes to marine saving.

*Highly recommend.

8.Tapped- all about plastic bottled water and its industry. Gives an inside view of what financial and ecological effects bottled water corporations have on our environment.

9.The True Cost- in short words, this is a story about clothes we wear. It reveals how very well-known world brands are using cheap labour to produce all their garments and what impact this fast fashion industry is having on our environment.

*Eye opening documentary which will make you question do you still want to buy clothes from H&M, Zara and other well-known high street brands.

  1. Planet Earth- a classic one, a beautiful one! 4 years of filming across 64 countries. Nothing more to add. Just a must see.

Much love 


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  1. Myrthe says:

    Hey! I think Demain or Tomorrow should also really be on this list!

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