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The colder season is quickly approaching and sometimes you might find yourself feeling a bit low. It happens to all of us I would say. And we do not even have to blame cold weather, sometimes you just do not feel 100 percent. Inner / Outer circumstances take a hold of you and you might wonder how to get out of this slump. Well, this post is kinda for you. We will have a look at 10 ways you could easily raise your frequency AKA to raise your vibration in an instant.


First of all, you might wander what is frequency and what it has to do with us and how we feel? Well, everything in this universe, including you & me is made of pure energy. Our daily thoughts consist of energy, our interactions with other people is nothing but an exchange of energy. This energy, this vibration that we put out into the world is also known as our frequency. Our emotions, our thoughts & our actions have a power to vibrate and create different frequencies. They can be either very high or rather low. Most of it depends on you, really. Throughout the day we can experience the vibration of a lot of different energies and so we jump through very distinct frequencies (the highs and the lows).

So if you are feeling like your energy is rather low, it most likely means you are also vibrating on a very low frequency. Do not worry, there are some beautiful ways to raise your vibration and feel in line with beautiful energies again.


1.Clear the clutter. This simply means make room for emptiness. Sometimes all these little nick nacks around our home is nothing but a consumption of low energies. Whenever there is a pile of unfinished projects or a bunch of old souvenirs that really do not hold any real value for you anymore. Get rid of them now! Saying goodbye to things that do not belong anymore is rather freeing, I promise. You will see that sometimes just such small thing as tidying your work area puts you in a whole different vibration, you feel more inspired and ready to concur your day plans.

2.Be mindful of the energies around you. Yes, this is extremely important. Because sometimes you can vibrate on the highest, most beautiful energy and suddenly you get in contact with a person who can’t say a line without having some kind of complaint in it. It takes a rather strong person not to get affected by someone else’s energy. So for your own wellbeing stay away from people who tend to vibrate on low frequencies. And I know you can feel them, we all can.

3.Time in nature– as simple as that. Nature heals and nourishes you. Take a simple walk and observe how perfect our nature is. It is so refreshing, take pure energy from the trees and flowers. Immerse yourself in it.

4.Return to the present moment. Or in other words – meditate. Whenever you’re feeling low just take a moment to reflect on now. On your surroundings, on your feelings right this moment. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to feel your energy from the inside. Sometimes we get into low frequencies because of worrying, whether it’s about the past or the future events. Coming back to this moment allows you to see that right now everything is perfect. You are here, you are alive and you are well.

5.Affirmations- (Small positive sayings). I find them to be very powerful. If you wish to raise your frequencies just simply write down some positive lines about how you want to feel. Let’s say: ‘I am full of inspiration and motivation to do the things that are important to me’, ‘I radiate love and abundance’, ‘I am vibrant pure energy that attracts only beautiful things in my life’. You get the point, right? Whatever words and affirmations makes you feel good. Say them to yourself and see how instantly you begin to feel much better.

6.Gratitude list. I believe this to be one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration. Really feel grateful for the person you are, for the relationships, experiences and the things that you have. Being truly grateful for all that it is puts you to a whole different dimension of energies. It’s high and pure. It absolutely beautiful. Retain this feeling and see how wonderful it makes you feel. I also created my own little practice, in which I spent 5 minutes every morning & evening filling my Five Minute Journal in other words gratitude journal. I give my full attention and appreciation for all the wonderful people/moments/experiences/ things I have in my life. Click on the name if you wish to find out more about it.

7.Connect to the higher force. Whoever it might be to you (God, Universe, Angels). This connection can be made through prayer, through your thoughts or visions. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance when you need it. It is said that when the person is praying he/she is instantly vibrating on a very delicate pure energy. Keep it honest, keep it sincere.

8.Explore your own creativity. Whatever creativity means to you, just do it. For me, its painting and writing. It puts me to a whole different vibration. Even if it is just a half an hour of doodling. It gives me so much joy and so I instantly feel better. Let yourself to fool around with your own creativity and see how it makes you feel.

9.Be mindful of who you truly are.B This one is very powerful. I believe that sometimes we start to vibrate on low energies due to the fact that we are unconsciously or consciously living not in line with who we truly are. This is a subject on its own. But in short words it means that we are seeking something that is not ours. We chase careers and things that do not really fulfil us and so we immerse in this bubble of falseness. Soon enough our intuition starts to tell us that something is not quite right. We have to listen and not ignore it. Once you are in line with who you truly are you will only raise higher.

10.Look for inspiration. Whenever its books, movies, good conversations with people you love. Be open to new ideas and welcome any source of beautiful inspiration. You never know which idea would stick to you and will make you see things in whole different perspective.

That’s a wrap really. I hope this was useful for you guys. I always come back to these if I feel like I need to raise my vibration. Would love to know how you raise your vibration, maybe some special techniques or rituals? Let me know in the comments below, I am always up for some inspiration.

Much love 


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