I will not surprise anyone by saying that our world’s environment is getting worse and worse. It is a well spread message about which most of us build some kind of awareness around. The truth is that only knowing this is definitely not enough anymore, nor it ever was really. We are now facing consequences of environmental degradation day by day and we have only human acts to blame for that.

Just a quick note.  In this post I will be diving deeper into the main issues that our world is facing today, however, the possible solutions to these issues will be discussed in my future posts.

Waste- this stuff is everywhere! From the streets of your hometown city to the most beautiful beaches of Indonesia. We are literally building our lives around trash. This sounds extreme, but unfortunately it is all so true. Since when did it become so hard to put your empty pack of crisps into the bin, since when we became so consumed by all the material goods that we forgot the most important thing- the land we are standing on. Today many landfills are overflown with the leftovers of our lives. A huge part of this waste will remain there for years and years, eventually rotting and creating toxic gas, which then contributes to the greenhouse effect.

One of the biggest waste problems- ever growing plastic consumption. We became so addicted to ‘quick’ one time uses such as, plastic coffee cups, cutlery, plastic toothbrushes and many more. These things do not magically disappear once we throw them into our bins… By trying to get rid of plastic we are producing more toxic gases which then contributes to air pollution as well as acid rain. This is a very powerful and very devastating circle to say the least.

Global Population Growth- 

Little do i need to say about this issue. This rapid growth of population has a direct impact to all fundamental factors of our environment (water, air, food etc). According to recent research our population is expected to exceed nine billion by 2050. These are absolutely crazy figures. Let’s just have a quick think where all of these people will get their vital resources, where will they all live, what water will they drink. How are we all going to find a way to live and share this earth by not destroying it completely?

Industrial Growth- this ties together with pollution and global population growth issues discussed so far. Industrial growth becomes a natural phenomenon caused by rapidly growing number of people. Looking from the economical side, this creates growth and brings work possibilities to people, however it also becomes this destroying mechanism which contributes to further environmental degradation. This all comes down to our government regulations and how political environmental factors are taken care of. Unfortunately, so far very few countries that are really putting environmental issues on their agendas and ACTUALLY making positive changes happen.

Ozone Depletion- the increasing number of (CFC) molecules are the main reason of why our world’s temperature has been drastically rising. This is simply seen by looking at ice caps and mountain glaciers. This resumes in major shifts in weather patterns; from boiling days, to stormy winds and unpredictable temperature variations.

Deforestation– this is such a heart breaking issue. We are cutting down our beautiful magnificent forests. 30 % of our planet is covered by forests, but this percent is getting smaller and smaller by each day. We are not just destroying homes of other living beings (losing our biodiversity), but we are also taking pure air out of our planet. Most of the forests are cut down due to the following reasons: farming, logging, mining, oil companies. It is devastating to think that in order to satisfy our greed we are willing to sacrifice our home.

Some may argue that there more issues than these and I would definitely agree. The list of environmental problems are growing each year and most likely each day. 

As much as I do not want to come across all negative and put grey shadows all across this post, the truth is that all these issues cannot be taken lightly. Taking them lightly brought us were we are now- in a REAL MESSY position. My aim with this post is to bring more awareness to you with what is truly happening inside our home. To find solutions we first have to know the issues, right?

I encourage you to have a look around. To explore your community, maybe there are some clearly visible environmental issues that are happening at your door step that you did not recognise before. I encourage you today to think how your daily actions contribute to environmental degradation, to think what you could possibly change.  I do that myself all the time. And sometimes it is not easy, we are leading fast-paced lives, I get it all. Nonetheless, we are in control of our own decisions and there is so much we can do. Never doubt. 

Much love 


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