10 free things to do in London

There are so many great activities and things to do in London, however some can be quite expensive. So if you are planning a trip on a budget or just simply saving your expenses, this will highly benefit you. I could have continued with my list of ‘free things to do in London’ for way longer, but for now thought i will focus on things that came to my mind first. This is post #1 from my London series, so i will be back with best vegan food places in the city, best parks and more in the future. For now, let’s start with number one.

1.Go deer-spotting in Richmond Park. This is by far one of the most beautiful parks in London for me. It is just so vast, if you visit on a warmer month, you will be amazed by all the greenery around it. I could not believe that I am still in London, great place if you fancy little escape from busy and noisy streets of London. 

2.Sky Garden- one of the gems. If you book in advance and I mean really watch out for those calendar days, you can get your visit completely for free. http://skygarden.london/ here is the link for you where you can find ‘book a visit’ section. Building height is around 155m, so you will definitely see a spectacular view of the city. P.S it is a beautiful place to be during sunsets.

3.Look out for those after-hours at the museums. If museums are really your thing, why not to spice things up a little bit and come during after-hours. Most famous museums in London do that once or twice a month, so just make sure to check their online sites. I have been to History Museum during evening hours and it was an absolutely great experience. Spectacular lighting, great music and food to accompany you whilst you enjoy some ‘Jurassic Park’ like scenes. Just in case you did not know, ALL the museums in London is pretty much free or cheap, except for if there is some special exhibition.                                                                                                                        

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4.Climb the hill to Greenwich Observatory to see a beautiful view of London city. This will not just be a great possibility to get some beautiful shots of cities skyline, but it will be a small workout itself. Plus with all the park around it, it is just a great place to be (no matter the season).

5.Covent Garden- I absolutely love this place. If you ignore all the shops and coffee places around it, you will see that in front of ‘Apple Market’ there are always some musicians or unique street performers gathering people with their art. Sit down and watch the show, it is completely free and can be very entertaining.

6.Have a stroll around beautiful streets of Portobello Road. One of my personal favourites, just because seeing pink and purple shades of houses always makes me happy. It is a beautiful street filled with antiques and various foods, but apart from that there are a lot hidden allies, where you can see those iconic colourful houses. Best part- it’s completely for free, so take those snaps as much as you want.

7.Little Venice- this place I believe gets not as much credit as it should. It’s a beautiful canal, filled with little boats and cosy cafes around it. There is a beautiful walk you can take from the canal straight to the city centre. Who does not love a little bit of Venice?

8.Take a walk through Tower Bridge and enjoy the scenery from ‘Tower of London’ side. Start from the ‘The Scoop’ where you will be able to see a great angle of not just London Bridge, but of famous Shard skyscraper as well.
Once you cross the bridge, there will be plenty of benches to sit and soak up the atmosphere. It also makes a great place for some boat watching. I really love this little walk.

9.Neal’s Yard- little hidden gem not far from Covent Garden bustle. It is a beautifully decorated, quirky street full of unique cafes and shops. (Great Vegan food café called ‘Wild Food Cafe’).

10.Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner. Apart from being the most iconic London park, it also holds long lasting open-air public speaking and debates. Such historical figures as Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin have been known to use this area for their public speeches.  *Speakers’ Corner is located on the north-east edge of Hyde Park, nearest   stations: Marble Arch and Oxford Street.

So there you are, guys! 10 free things to do in London. Travelling & exploring can be cheap.

Much love 


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